martes, 29 de julio de 2008

My favorite holiday is Christmas

Here I show you a brief summary of the most interesting things Christmas.

It is the season when all come together as a family, where they share and enjoy family. Also some people have traditions such as: eat twelve grapes, lentils, yellow underwear placed among others. Sometimes to be the twelve o'clock leaving many people with suitcases to travel this year will bring among other things. This is my favorite time, not the exchange rate for nothing!

What is your favorite holiday? You Christmas?

The credit card (1950)

Here is a brief overview of this invention so interesting

Invented by Frank McNamara, who gave his card to 200 customers for that could be used in 27 restaurants in New York, from where came the appointment of Diners' Club. In 1958 American Express introduced its version of a credit card universal. In the 50 was introduced another type of card, credit card bank. In 1958 the Bank of Americas issued the BankAmerica (now Visa). In 1966 a group of banks formed what is now known as MasterCard International. The credit card was the primary tool that fired consumerism international and gave the consumer the opportunity to acquire goods and services without cash at the time, but was incorporated into a financial trap for an entire social class, which led to a number of personal bankruptcies unprecedented.

What do you think of this invention?

Going Places

Here I show them a summary of my last vacation

My last vacation pass in the Falcon State there could visit several beaches as they were: Chichiriviche, Adicora, where the Morrocoy Tucacas and excellent passing. Also visit my grandmother who lives in the part of Santa Cruz de cross Bucaral which is located in the mountains of Falcon State. There I shared with my entire family, the pass very well it was fun to travel.

And you where you were? you like Falcon State?

Sure. No problem!

Here you can find some of the things that my parents
always criticize me and I them

My parents always tell me:

Don `t help around the house

Watch too much TV

Don `t Enough Study
I always blame them:

Don `t like my friends

Don `t respect my privacy

Don `t listen to my opinions

To tell your parents you?

description of the my house

Here we find a brief description of my house

My house is big, modern, comfortable and beautiful has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. This house is a lot of privacy but sometimes it's a bit noisy. It's very spacious and secure. Each room has a large closet, large windows. The kitchen is not very spacious but the areas of the room and dining room but have enough space. To finish the bathrooms are well equipped and are large enough.

To think about my house? That this is your house?

martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Letter to Zulia Governor

Republic Bolivarian of Venezuela
Government of the State Zulia

Manuel Rosales
His Office.

Today gladly I go to you convinced of my deep sense of admiration and respect toward your person so, I want to express you my gratefulness for the good work you have done for this state that he/she has made for the state. During the time you were elected and named Zulia Governor you demonstrated that you’re an excellent person that knows how to listen the opinion of the citizens and that it offers their help to people of scarce economic resources to continue ahead.
But in spite of all those good works that you have done for the state, even lack that it improves the security, since in these moments the state this presenting many cases of insecurity. We also have the cases of the extreme poverty, the traffic that every day becomes more unbearable and mainly the urban toilet that lately has been neglected in some areas of the state causing the contamination in the atmosphere.
As suggestion I can tell him that to solve the problem of the contamination in the atmosphere due to the lack of the urban toilet, they should be had more control in the environment of hygiene and security stops this way to enable more vehicles of urban toilet. Waiting that he/she takes conscience of what I have outlined him and without more anything that to add says goodbye to you.
Yohanna Hurtado
IC: 20666240

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008


hi , my name is Yohanna hurtado, I live maracaibo, I love films and books, but what is most important is enjoy every second of life porq am one of those who think that life is one. I am not very good in English but I try to do my best effort.I hope they like my blog and leave me feedback.